In the hope of resurrection・復活の希望のうちに

We are waiting our new season of singing the Couperin's "Victoria!", the song of Easter. The long passion tide makes always special the day of the resurrection. We are happy to announce that we will have two concerts to express this joy, without forgetting our tube of "O Filii et Filiæ"! If you have read the blog of Tatiana you know our little Gabriel. He pronounces in his sweet voice, one particular word after each time he listens to our rehearsal or concert in the arms of his father, which is: "Al-le-lu-ia." ... he has understood everything. (And how many times Élisabeth and Tatiana pronounce this word in this program? I have no idea!) クープランの復活祭の歌、「ヴィクトリア!勝利の時!」を歌う季節がまた近づいてきました。 毎年のことながら、長

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